The Best… Worst idea.

The Antics of Toy Stark and Friends…

Perhaps one of the dumbest ideas I’ve had for a while. It has come to my attention that I own a few collectables/action figures/toys/whatever. None of them are boxed and they live on the mantelpiece at my house. Sometimes, I move them around and make up stories about what they’re doing…  Here’s the ‘crew’

IMG_2359.JPG Tony is a relatively new addition to the ‘gang’, we all know what this jerk is like. (Iron Man/Marvel)

IMG_2358 Creeper – tends to explode if there isn’t a gun pointed at it. (Minecraft)

IMG_2360 Jayne – Gun fanatic heavy who’s all about the money (Firefly)

IMG_2361 Spock – The science guy with no emotions (Star Trek)

IMG_2362 Raptor – Bites people and tried to steal things (Jurassic World)

IMG_2363 KHAAAAAAAN! Nemesis of Captain Kirk, all round nutter (Star Trek)

This is the crew as it stands now. I will likely add to this as I go along and I have the cash moneys to buy new figures. Last picture – the crew as it stands at the moment all together..




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